Victor Alagbe

Chief Operating Officer & Blockchain Strategist, OneWattSolar, Nigeria

    Victor Alagbe believes that Blockchain technology is disruptive, and he is actively researching and developing actionable strategies for its real-world applications in building the future. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer & Blockchain Strategist at OneWattSolar where he is working on an Energy-As-A-Service solution to end the energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. The OneWattSolar team is on a mission to create opportunities for millions of people in the off-grid and unreliable grid markets of Africa to experience clean energy.

    Before OneWattSolar, he was a part of an Israeli-based team that helped dozens of European and American startups articulate their Blockchain strategy. He has built core competencies for developing content themes and strategic use-cases around the B2B and B2C applications of Blockchain technology while expounding on its existing and developing use cases.

    He is a passionate Blockchain speaker, and he has taken the message of decentralization to a cross- section of audiences in the startup ecosystem, SMEs, academia, and government. He actively seeks out and welcomes opportunities to build a strong network at the intersection of Blockchain technology, CleanTech, Climate Financing, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development.