Auke Lont

CEO, Statnett, Norway

    More than 25 years’ experience from the energy industry.
    Holds a Bachelor of Science Mathematics from Amsterdam (1978)
    Master of Science Econometrics from Amsterdam (1982).
    Work Experience
    2009 CEO Statnett SF, Norway
    2005-2009 MD, Econ Pöyry Analysis, Norway
    2001-2005 SVP Statoil, Nordic Energy
    1999-2000 Senior Economist and MD,Econ Analysis, Cape Town, South Africa
    1994-1999 MD Naturkraft AS, Norway
    1984-1994 VP Business Development, Natural Gas, Statoil (1992-94)
    VP Sales Natural Gas, Statoil (1989-92)
    Manager Strategy and Supply, Naturl Gas, Statoil (1986-89)
    Market Analyst, Natural Gas, Statoil (1984-86)
    Board Memberships
    Bane NOR (Railway Infrastructure Company) 2016
    Spekter (Employers Organization) 2015
    Process of preparing a gas composition and the use thereof 12.11.2003
    European Patent Office (EP 1 092 079 B1)