Marek Kamiński

Explorer, Philosopher, Businessman and Writer

    Professional career

    Marek Kamiński studied philosophy and physics at the Warsaw University and studied at the IESE Business School in Barcelona in an Advanced Management Program. He founded and co-own the sanitary company Invena S.A. In 1996 he founded the Marek Kamiński Foundation to support educational programs, fund-raising for prostheses for those in need, and integrated camps for the disabled. So far Marek Kamiński published 13 books, holds lectures and offers mentorships

    Explorer experiences

    Marek Kamiński holds the Guinness World Record for reaching both Poles in one year. In Australia he crossed on foot the Gibson Desert, took part in the National Geographic expedition to the source of the Amazon river and pilgrimaged 4.000 km from Russia to Santiago de Compostela. In 2004, he started his “Together to the Pole” expedition and reached both poles with disabled teenager Jan Mela.

    In 2018, Marek Kamiński started his first no trace expedition with an electric car from Poland to Japan and return. In 2019 he will circumnavigate the world in an electric car and a humanoid robot as co- driver: “AI No Trace Expedition”.