Katy Clarke

Senior Officer for Clean Energy, Division of Energy Transformation, U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources, USA

    Katy Clarke is a Senior Officer for Clean Energy in the Division of Energy Transformation in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources. She works with industry, Non-Governmental Organizations, U.S. government interagency, and foreign officials to advance energy security, support economic development, and create transparent, fair, and open foreign energy markets. In support of these goals, Katy is leading Asia EDGE – Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy, a $50 million U.S. initiative to advance energy security in the Indo-Pacific.

    Katy previously served at the U.S. Embassy Berlin focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency shortly following Fukishima. Prior to the Department of State, Katy was a project manager on energy utility policy and emergency management as a contractor with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Katy began her career working on policy and resolving contractual disputes with toxic waste site redevelopment.

    Katy holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy from Emory University and a Masters of Public Administration with a focus in Natural Resource Management from Virginia Tech.