Faustine Delasalle

Director, Energy Transitions Commission

    Faustine Delasalle is the Director of the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC). The ETC is a coalition of global leaders from across the energy system that aims at accelerating the transition to low-carbon energy systems providing prosperity to all, by developing forward-thinking analytics and engaging with public and private decision-makers. The ETC’s secretariat is run by SYSTEMIQ, a company with the mission to catalyse good disruptions in economic systems that will speed the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals. Faustine joined SYSTEMIQ and the ETC in 2016. Prior to that, she worked in the public sector (Parliament, local authorities), private sector (a tech start-up) and third sector (with think-tanks and NGOs). She is a strong believer in the potential of cross-sector partnerships to drive system change. Faustine is an alumna of SciencesPo Paris and of the London School of Economics and holds degrees in political sciences and economics. She is also an OnPurpose Fellow.