Dr Xavier Garcia-Casals

Senior Consultant, Policy Unit, Knowledge Policy and Finance Centre, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA

    Xavier has been working on the fields of renewables, sustainability and transition for over 25 years and from different institutions (university, research centers, NGOs, cooperatives, private companies, international agency…). For the last 20 years he has been developing and analyzing transition scenarios, including some of the first whole-country detailed 100% scenarios for the power system and for the whole energy system, delving into key issues like transition rates and its implications , as well as exploring the socio-economic dimension of the transition and its interlinkages with the energy system transformation. At IRENA we are since several years working on measuring the socio-economic footprint of the energy transformation for different combinations of energy transition roadmaps and socio-economic outlooks, whereby the final socio-economic outcome from the transition can be anticipated and insights gained on how to potentiate synergies, overcome barriers and address structural issues like inequalities, justice and fairness.