Chris Kubecka

CEO, HypaSec

    Chris Kubecka, Author, Security Researcher and CEO of HypaSec. Formerly, establishing several security groups for Saudi Aramco’s international affiliates after the Shamon 1 cyber warfare attacks and headed the Information Protection Group for Aramco Overseas, Netherlands. Implementing and leading the Security Operations Centre, Network Operation Centre and Joint International Intelligence Group & the EU/UK Privacy Group for Aramco Overseas Company. With continuous professional experience in the field, her career includes the US Air Force, Space Command, private and public sector.

    A conference presenter at Black Hat, OWASP, Security BSides, European Union Presidency for fintech and energy cyber security, CCC Chaos Computer Congress, Cyber Senate on ICS Security, Nuclear Cyber Security, European Council on Foreign Relations, OpenFest, Last H.O.P.E on water system insecurities and censorship, advises and lectures as an expert for several markets and governments. Chris has been featured in the media with Viceland News’ Cyber Warfare series, Hacking the Infrastructure on HBO, Sky News, CNN, Fox News, Asian and European news outlets. Podcasts DarkNet Diaries episode 30 and Security Weekly #498. MIT Technology Review “How to Implement Security after a Cyber Security Meltdown” March/April 2016 issue. Writing for 2600, Hackernoon, Free Code Camp, Peerlyst, several Bit Coin and defence related media.