Andre Dzikus

Coordinator, Urban Basic Services Branch & Acting Coordinator, Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Branch, UN-Habitat

    Andre Dzikus is the Coordinator of the Urban Basic Services Branch (UBSB) at UN-Habitat and the Acting Coordinator of the Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Branch. Both Branches manage the largest project portfolio of UN Habitat. The UBSB is one of the seven core branches of the agency which covers its work on urban mobility, energy, water and sanitation, drainage, waste management and ICT. Andre Dzikus has been with UN-Habitat for 28 years. As Branch Coordinator he has pioneered the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) which was launched at the United Nations Secretary Generals’ Climate Summit in 2014. Before then he was Chief of Section, Water and Sanitation with programmes that targeted two million people with improved water and sanitation in Asia. The vision is to increase this to more than three million people over the next few years. Andre was instrumental in setting up of the Water and Sanitation Trust Fund (WSTF) in 2002 as an outcome of the World Summit for Sustainable Development. In 2014 this Trust Fund was expanded to an Urban Basic Services Trust Fund covering the Agencies work on water and sanitation, urban mobility, energy, waste and drainage. The Trust Fund is a one-stop multi-donor multi-programme facility promoting pro-poor investments for increased access to affordable basic services and forms the basis for translating the Agenda 2030 and the New Urban Agenda into action. Andre is instrumental in developing strategic partnerships with development banks, the private sector and foundations. Andre strongly believes that it is our role to “help ever” and in whatever we do to ensure we make a difference in the lives of others. Andre holds a degree in Urban Geography, which specialization urban and regional planning, as well as an additional specialization in tropical epidemiology, from University of Heidelberg, Germany.